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UNDERSUNG features four caregivers of severely disabled children—Ramona living in Seattle with her husband and their non-verbal autistic son Melvin (age 21); in Boston, Craig with his wheelchair-bound, non-verbal daughter Hannah (age 23); in Ottawa, Claire with her 21-year-old daughter Sophie (who lost most of her ability to function after a devastating stroke during childhood); and in New Jersey, Marina with her son Gregory, now 21 and on life support, having lost his ability to walk and talk at age 8.

Such devoted (yet overlooked) caregiving done at home turns out to benefit far more people than just the disabled relatives. Millions of such caregivers in North America sacrifice their own liberties and leisures, their chances at work and well-being, to keep their kin from being institutionalized: They pay the bills for our society’s own extended family needs.

UNDERSUNG aims to show how the most profoundly-limiting disabilities can give rise to the most fundamental (and vital) of human encounters. As filmmaker Adam Larsen quietly reveals their daily lives, parents and children alike become unforgettable presences.