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MacArthur Fellow and poet Heather McHugh, together with filmmaker Adam Larsen, are collaborating to create UNDERSUNG, a feature-length documentary celebrating and giving voice to one of the most under-sung of human communities: long-term full-time caregivers of disabled family members.

At a time when even the best-intentioned governors and legislators are hacking back funding for the disabled, the nation’s family caregivers go largely unnoticed. These are people who have already given up their own life-dreams to do the daily grinding work that keeps family members out of institutions. Few in the country consider what we owe them, or choose to pay tribute to them. We hope to change that.

Their stories can tell us much about the premises and meanings of love.

UNDERSUNG will follow several long-term (decade or more) principal caregivers of severely disabled family members—before, during and after their one week CAREGIFTED retreats. (CAREGIFTED provides a week’s relief to the weariest such caregivers.)

During CAREGIFTED’S pilot project from 2012 to 2015 we will gather impressions and testimonies from home visits and all three caregiver-getaway sites (locations in Maine, California and the Pacific Northwest near Seattle).

We dedicate UNDERSUNG to the caregivers, artists and major donors alike– all of whom are making this dream a reality — and this reality a dream.

Every donation is a blessing. The givers are gifted.

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